2013  to present,  Eco House at Goudhurst, Kent, UK

Designed with Farrells, the eco house is stepped into a hillside with views across the Kent High Weald. Planning permission was approved in 2015 for the 5 bed family home with NPPF para 55 exceptional design quality and innovation. Construction has commenced for completion in 2019  with the significant innovation of the first installation of innovative Cemfree concrete in a landmark residential building. The Cemfree activates 95% ground blast furnace slag GGBS producing an ultra low carbon alternative concrete mix as a replacement for designs which use cement. (Cement creates 5-8% of all C02 emissions, making it the third highest human produced source of C02 after transport and energy).  

Client: Private owner

Service provided: RIBA stages 1 to 6

Use: Residential private dwelling

Units/area: Private house 420m2 

Site area: Approx 0.2ha