Residential and commercial, Mercers, Station Road, Tenterden, Kent, UK

Planning apporval was achieved in 2016 for mixed use with 5 flats and 2 office pavilions in a courtyard group in Tenterden conservation area at Station Road and Church Path. Two storey offices pavilions each of 200m2 front the courtyard in a contemporary design with landscaped green roof, upper storey glazed and zinc wall panels recessed over a brick ground storey with planters around edges. Flats to the rear are in a traditional design matching the surrounding cottage buildings with locally sourced red brick, corbelled eaves detail, red tile hip roof. 

Client: Private owner

Services: Architecture RIBA stages 1 to 3

Use: Residential flats/ commercial B1

Units/area: 5 Flats 400m2 total, 2 business units 200m2 total

Site area: Approx 0.145ha