RIBA Tomorrows Garden City competition, completed, Letchworth UK

Two houses completed in 2012 for North Herts Homes selected from 2007 competition Tomorrow’s Garden City as code 4 housing to reduce carbon emissions, reduce and recycle waste and conserve water, thus enabling the vision of the garden city to be realised - enabling people to live in communities which are both closely integrated and in harmony with nature. Dwellings have a roof suitable for installation of solar thermal heating and photovoltaic panels. The 30 degree sloping roof has brown sedum roof finish which is capable of being retrofitted with additional photovoltaic solar panels. 

Client: North Herts Homes

Services: Architecture RIBA stages 1 to 3

Use: Residential, 2 social rent 3 bed houses

Floor area: Approx 105m2 each

Site area: Approx 0.05ha

Cost: Approx £300,000 total

Completed: 2012