Zero Carbon homes NW Bicester, Oxfordshire, UK

Zero Carbon Masterplan with Farrells for A2 Dominion and Cherwell District Council providing 6000 true zero carbon homes, local centres, education, community, retail & business uses. The award winning exemplar phase for 400 homes was granted planning permission in 2012.  Construction was completed for a first group of 100 homes with residents moving in 2016 with a further 100 homes per year currently being completed. 

Houses designs with roof slopes orientated south to provide maximum potential for photovoltaic cells and solar thermal. Houses have principal rooms facing south with integral shading for windows. Timber frame construction with factory made high insulation and air sealed panels are clad with render and cedar suing material supplied with reduced waste and embodied carbon.

Client: A2 Dominion

Services: Architecture RIBA stages 1 to 3

Use: Residential, 40 units, mixed private & affordable houses.

Floor area: total approx 4,000m2;

70% Private; 2 bed 82m2; 3 bed 92m2; 4 bed 110m2;

30% Affordable; 2 bed 84m2; 3 bed 98m2; 4 bed 120m2

Site area: Approx 2 ha

Cost: Approx £5 million

First phase completed: 2016