Competition 1992 Karlsruhe Garden Festival. 

Competition masterplan for a landscape and urban extension for Karlsruhe, Germany, published in the 1992 Karlsruhe Garden Festival international ideas competition.  The proposed design draws a landscape of new tree planting through the district.  The radial plan of the city is reflected in wedges of trees legible at speed from perimeter ring road also marked with mixed use towers. Inside the buildings planted winter garden spaces will progress up through the levels and be visible on the exterior.  Natural daylight , passive ventilation, ground source heating and cooling from the landscape will minimise energy used. The proposed urban districts will be 6 storey with garden courtyards and permeable street network with  trams providing connectivity to the city centre and railways. The design reflects cultural harmony with nature : Roofs will be earth covered for added insulation and thermal mass and managed rainwater runoff. Timber and recycled products will be used in the construction of frame, external walls and internal finishes to reduce the carbon footprint